With a great pleasure we warmly welcome you to the first conference dedicated to safety of bus, minibus and tram passengers during which will be presented and discussed:

  • the most important factors ensuring safety of passengers;
  • influence of vehicle construction / equipment on safety of passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, children and disabled people;
  • sharing knowledge and experience with experts, bus and tram producers and users;
  • direction of development of this trade;

Can you miss such a Conference,
such presentations and discussions ?!


  • Effective actions enhancing safety of passengers based on experiences of MPK Krakow

Grzegorz Dyrkacz MPK Krakow (city carrier)

  • Influence of technical aspects on safety of people.
    Staff training and procedures and safety of travelers
Przemysław Jóźwik and Paweł Paruch Mobilis (city and intercity carrier)
  • Level of vehicle safety in real roads environments
Anna Sokołowska – Olesik and Rafał Kasprzyk WITD Katowice (road inspection)
  • Vehicle after a collision – drivable and useful.
    But is it safe for all road users?

Marek Nytko TÜV Rheinland

  • Expected new regulations related to bus construction and safety of passengers

Jerzy Kownacki ITS (Motor Transport Institute)

  • Electric buses and passengers safety

Paweł Muszyński Solaris Bus & Coach

  • Crash tests and their possible effects on passengers safety

Prof. Dr. Robert Thomson

  • Safety of passersby and cyclists in case of a bus collision

Prof. Dr. Janusz Kajzer

  • Trends in active and passive safety

Prof. Dr. Robert Thomson

  • Safety of traveling children and disabled people

Prof. Dr. Janusz Kajzer

  • Aspects of safety in process of railway vehicles designing and certificating

Michał Podolski and Paweł Gąsir Solaris Tram
  • Safety, technology, innovation – Knorr-Bremse solutions for railway vehicles

Rafał Olszewski Knorr Bremse

  • Safety and fire protection systems at buses

Paweł Muszyński Solaris Bus & Coach

  • Construction factors, used materials and their possible effect on vehicle flammability

Dr. Krzysztof Łebek 3M

  • Simulation of a bus passenger behavior during a bus accident using Virthuman model

Petr Pavlata, Luděk Kovář, Vision Consulting Automotive

  • Influence of laminated and hardened glass windows on the safety of bus and tram passengers

Delegate of Pilkington Automotive